pysmssend is a utility to send sms over some internet gateways. It currently has support for 3 ISPs, Otenet, Voipbuster and Voipdiscount. There are 2 ways to use it, either with a QT4 gui or by command line. It also has some, experimental at the moment, support for address book (gui only).

Since I liked the idea behind the utility I contacted the author and helped him by providing some ideas and a few fixes. I’ve also created an ebuild for it.

You can find more info about the utility and see some screenshots on the pysmssend kde-apps site since the utility’s website on sourceforge is not yet ready and has only the ebuild and a pkgbuild for Arch Linux.

Its command line usage combined with a monitoring package that supports external commands when something important has happened, can prove very handy. I hope Markos (the author) will keep on fixing bugs and improving the utility 🙂

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  1. September 22nd, 2007 | 14:25
    Using Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox on Linux Linux

    Back in the year 2002, I had also written a similar utility. It used as a sms gateway. Both a command line interface and a GTK gui were provided. It was written in C and had no external dependencies. You may still find useful ideas in it.

    It can be found here: under the link mycosmos.

    It does not work today due to changes from the server side.

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