Random stuff

I’ve made a few changes to the sidebar of my blog, I’ve added last.fm Recent Tracks listing and a Meebome widget. The meebome widget is a very nice flash application that let’s you chat with visitors of your site while being online on meebo. I was introduced to meebo sometime ago by thatha. It is an “Instant Messaging Portal”, you create an account and then you can log in to your msn, icq, yahoo, aim, jabber and gtalk account. I use it whenever I am away from my pc, since I find it a lot more “comfortable” to log in to the networks I am interested through meebo than through Portable Gaim that I keep on my usb flash drive.

btw…Gaim is so broken these days…Looks like noone is interested to fix the aging problems it has. No nat-to-nat transfers, random crashes even on normal filetransfers. Even the developer(s) suggest that you use the beta version to log in to msn. How dumb is this ? What are they waiting for ? Since even the developer promotes the beta in favor to the “stable”..shouldn’t the beta be named as “stable” now ? Noone is still using Gaim 1.5.0 …all the latest gnome based distros use 2.0-betaX…

I’ve steadily become more and more unsupportive of OLPC. There are many reasons to this. First of all I think that it made by western people believing that they know what is better for africans or asians. That’s plain wrong. In my view the OLPC is something that western rich kids will enjoy far more than poor africans or asians. It’s a “western toy” for “western rich kids”. Then comes the “open-ness” of the whole project. In the beggining everything looked very promising, then came the closed source drivers and firmwares. I don’t care for whatever reasons Marvell doesn’t open source the wifi driver, but if someone touts for a “complete open source project”, then e v e r y t h i n g must be open source. Not whatever we like. Oh, and then came the added sd card slot in order for the OLPC to be able to run a version of windows. That’s open source too right ? More bashing of the OLPC on beranger.