Trackers, torrents and politicians

This must be another greek unique phenomenon. Politicians (or probably wannabe politicians) placed yesterday some advertisment of theirs on a greek torrent tracker, probably the biggest one.

You can’t believe it ?? I probably wouldn’t believe it either if I didn’t see a screenshot. So check this out!

This act has been said to be severely criticized by a number of members of the tracker, but the administrators said yesterday that “since they paid money why shouldn’t they be advertised ?” The weird thing is that this morning the advertisement was gone. Maybe some people thought that it was not such a good idea after all…

I am a bit curious though.. and I will place here some of the questions I have:

1) How did these politicians made contact to the administrators ?
2) Do they know what a torrent tracker is and what the content of the specific tracker is ? Do they politically support what is going on there ?
3) How much did they pay ? And to whom ? Don’t politicians have to justify every single cent of their advertisement expenses ? Is that tracker a company providing legit receipts ?
4) If the administrators said last night that it was OK to host them there, why did they remove them today ?

Btw, since you did not have to be a member of the site to see the advertisement, it was on the very first page of the site that even unregistered users could see, I thought that it was unecessary to blurify/hide more parts of the screenshot I was given, apart from the url. Even that might be unecessary.