Google to offer e-mail hosting services ?

Well it looks like google is going to offer massive storage for e-mail accounts on any domain… just check this page:

Very interesting, and simple…you probably just need to change the MX record of your domain to a server IP that they will send you.

If only the interface was a bit better…if it had encryption support…if … if…if they could be trusted not to make your e-mails searchable in public one day in the future…

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  1. February 14th, 2006 | 15:06
    Using Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 on Linux Linux

    The interface is pretty nice if you get the hang of it. I used to say the same thing but changed my mind after using it for a while. As for the “trust” argument, one could argue you also can’t trust your ISP that can log everything you do and one day may disclose such information to third parties. The same could go for your mobile phone provider. These are all wild assumptions (yet); it’s better to stick to reality and see how you can gain maximum privacy with the current status quo.

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