Wiretapped Government

Today the Government announced that for many many months members of the Greek Government, the main opposing party and some other businessmen wire wiretapped through their cell phones.

We are living in a country that even the Government cannot secure itself from others. The Prime Minister had his cell phone wiretapped. How long can these people govern our lives ? How can they protect us when they can’t protect themselves? They can’t protect their country they are supposedly serving…After about a year of pre-investigations what do they know about the people who had done the wiretapping ? Nothing! Just …nothing! Null!

This is so ridiculous…

more news on the wiretapping case: http://news.ert.gr/en/newsDetails.asp?ID=14811

BBC reports on the wiretapping
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Vodafone SpyLine, humourous Vodafone advertisment in Greek…enjoy it 🙂