gaim-latex plugin

There’s a very nice plugin for Gaim that allows one to send latex code via IM to other people who have the same plugin (if they don’t they just see the latex code).

I find it very usefull since I’m a student in a math department and I often exchange math fomulae with people even through IM.

I wonder how one would describe this latex code in “normal IM text”:

$$ f( x) =
\sum_{i=0}^{\infty}\frac{f^{( i )}(x )}{i!} $$

but…check this:
gaim-latex plugin for Gaim in action

If you exchange math formulae with colleagues via IM … you’ll want this one 🙂

scroll more lines with mouse wheel on acroread

edit your .Xdefaults and add this at the bottom:

*XmScrollBar.baseTranslations:#augment\n Shift:IncrementUpOrLeft(0)\n Shift:IncrementDownOrRight(0)\n :IncrementUpOrLeft(0)IncrementUpOrLeft(0)IncrementUpOrLeft(0) IncrementUpOrLeft(0)IncrementUpOrLeft(0)IncrementUpOrLeft(0)\n :IncrementDownOrRight(0)IncrementDownOrRight(0)IncrementDownOrRight(0) IncrementDownOrRight(0)IncrementDownOrRight(0)IncrementDownOrRight(0)\n

That’s ONE line! Then to test it open a pdf with acrobat reader on linux and press shift while scrolling the mouse wheel…you’ll notice the difference 🙂 (it now scrolls one page per scroll “click”)

enjoy 🙂