klimperei : la tordeuse a bandes obliques

CD limited to 500 copies, first 120 hand numbered in white printed envelope
on november 2003, "research center for the definition of happiness" with great pleasure hailed the birth of Maria - Amaryllis, daughter of 2 members of the "family's" xanthi's branch. while her parents were slowly working on her first birthday this year and as nearly all of us are under an enthusiasm for childlike, childish and related nature sounds & images found more than amazing the idea of asking klimperei to make a special cd for the occasion compiling some of their most beloved toy music soundscapes. 28 tunes were selected and were played in early november during the celebration of Maria - Amaryllis's first birthday. as a delicate memory of this happening, this cd was released working both as a touch of a colorful optimism for future projects to come and as an audio book documenting the flabbergasting days we experienced back in early november in the city of xanthi. we love you klimperei!!!! to be continued...

sold out.

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