dan warburton/reynols : i am not sitting in a room with reynols

when in march ’03 dan was interviewing reynols and was wondering of how to use the recorded tape, alan suggested he put the tape recorder in the washing machine & tape the result… no matter that finally he didn’t he managed however to surface w/ a new idea & under the great influence of alvin lucier’s ‘i am sitting in a room’ contemporary classic he started scratching, taping, editing, pasting the interview into a completely different and new thing, adding also in the mix reynols’s live from lile the result turned to be a thrilling broken psych electroacoustic recording that stands for me one absurd’s ‘out’ weirdos!!!

you can can get more infos on it at www.paristransatlantic.com/warburton/reynols.html
comes in a limited edition of 166 copies.

sold out.

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absurd #43